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Diets – The Mediteranean Diet to Prevent Frailty

I thought this was fascinating and wanted to share it with you!


mediterranean diet

Frailty is a clinical syndrome and is predictive of falls, declining mobility, and death.

The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes plant food (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, olives) and includes moderate fish consumption with low dairy, red meat, and processed meat.  Sound familiar?  Olive oil is the primary fat source.  In addition, it also includes a low to moderate amount of wine with meals 🙂

After analyzing several research studies, the results showed that older adults who closely followed the Mediterranean Diet reduced the risk of frailty by 56%!

Researchers continue to examine frailty and diets and believe that the Mediterranean Diet’s effect on older adults is due to its anti-inflammatory effect as a protective mechanism.

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8 Healthy Desserts to Get You In the Summer Mood

Healthy, delicious food to get you in the mood for summer!

Always Sunkissed

With summer on the way, people are all about the #BBG and the healthy lifestyle. In case you are anything like me and had to Google what #BBG means, it means #BinkiniBodyGuide well at least that’s what my research brought me to!

Now, I am graduating soon as most of you know and graduating is very stressful. When most people are stressed, they don’t eat or have to eat. I am of the latter. I tend to crave sweets or carbs, but with Summer on the way, neither are very good for me. So, here is a list of some healthy alternatives to the normal desserts and sweets you crave.

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream 


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7 Healthy Summer Foods

Summertime.  Time for cookouts and swimming at the pool.  While we are having fun this summer, here are some foods to add to your diet that can help keep you healthy during the hot months. 1. Tomatoes Tomatoes have lycopene, which is the carotenoid that makes them red and can help protect your skin from… Continue reading 7 Healthy Summer Foods