10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

When you start seeing food as fuel rather than as something to help with your emotions or when you are bored, then weight loss is more successful.  Total-body health and wellness is a lifestyle.  Ditch the scale and find an exercise activity you enjoy.  However, even though you are eating well and exercising often, it can seem that you are not losing any weight.  Here are a few reasons to consider why you are not the losing weight.

1. Type of Food


Food that you should be eating depends on your body type, metabolism, and try to stick to mostly natural, whole foods.  On days you do strength training or more rigorous exercise, eat most of your starchy carbs like potatoes, rice, and grains on those days.  Avoid the extra bread, sugar, and any processed food.  Rule of thumb is to stick to foods with the least ingredients.  And if you can’t pronounce the ingredient, it is most likely a good idea not to eat it.

2. Overeating


Life is about balance so don’t be consumed with counting calories or weighing yourself every day.  Eat whenever you are hungry but eat slowly.  Eating slow will help you to stop before you get full and avoid overeating.

3. Too Much Cardio


Cardio is great as a part of your workout routine, but too much can be a problem.  While it is good for keeping your heart healthy and boosting metabolism, it can eat away at your lean muscle mass.  Lean muscle mass is essential for increasing your metabolism so you can burn more calories.  Long cardio can make your body become more endurance-focused, which is fine if you are a runner, swimmer, or soccer player.  Long cardio causes your body to store energy as fat, keeping a reserve for fuel needed to run all those miles.

4. Possible Medical Condition


Hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), or sleep apnea are conditions that can contribute to not losing weight.  Even certain medications can make losing weight more difficult and even cause weight gain.  Talk to your doctor if you think this applies to you.

5. Not Getting Enough Sleep


Studies show that lack of sleep is the single biggest risk for obesity.  Not getting enough sleep puts your body into a carb-fat craving survival mode.  Studies show that women who slept less than four hours generally ate 300 more calories and 21 grams of fat the very next day.

6. Stress

stressed out

Stress can be the cause of not being able to lose weight, even when you are exercising.  Exercise makes a stress hormone called cortisol, which increases the amount of fat your body stores.  Cortisol is important for your body when you workout.  It gives your muscles the energy to move.  However, exercise is not the only stressor that produces cortisol.  When you are stressed, you produce more cortisol.  Being exposed to cortisol for long periods of time can cause negative effects like stubborn fat that won’t go away.

7. Not Enough Strength Training
lifting weight

When you add strength training to your workout routine, it can help to build lean muscle.  The more muscle your body has, the more fat you burn.  Binge eating, even healthy foods, add more calories.  If you are not burning enough calories, then you won’t lose any weight.

8. Not Enough Protein


Protein should be about 30% of your daily calories to get a metabolism boost.  Protein affects the appetite-regulating hormones, reducing the desire to eat unhealthy snacks and reduce cravings.  Try having a high-protein breakfast.  This can lead to fewer craving throughout the day.

9. Too Much Sugar


Sodas are not the only drinks you should be careful with.  Vitaminwater is also loaded with sugar, as well as most juices and smoothies.  Be careful with how many juices and smoothies you drink daily.

10. Not Enough Water


Drinking water can boost the number of calories you burn.  Studies show that drinking a 17 oz glass of water 30 minutes before meals increased weight loss by 44%.


12 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight”

  1. They said you can lose weight by not focusing on losing weight.. sound strange but they said instead you focus on the outcome.. see yourself as you are already fit, sexy and healthy and your body will follow 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree. Sugar is my biggest issue. My weakness is sweet tea. I have gotten better by making half sweet and unsweet tea. I also have a weakness with chocolate too. I now sub with dark chocolate (healthier) and it helps lol but I feel your fustration.


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