12 Foods That Help Fight Cancer

Cancer is a collection of related diseases involving abnormal cell growth that spread and potentially invade other parts of the body.  Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body.  There are over 100 types of cancers that affect humans.

Obesity, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and excessive drinking are responsible for around 10% of cancer-related deaths.  Studies suggest that a healthy lifestyle can prevent 30-40% of cancer, all types.  There are lots of foods that can reduce your risk of cancer, but I have compiled a list of 12 everyday foods for you to consider adding to your diet.

1. Turmeric

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Fresh herbs and spices like turmeric are one of the most powerful ingredients for an anticancer diet.  It has been known to decrease tumor size and fight colon and breast cancer.

2. Sweet Potatoes


Beta-carotene, which is found in sweet potatoes, is an essential nutrient for immune function.  Detoxification, liver health, and fighting cancers of the skin, eyes, and organs are just a few immune functions beta-carotene help with.

3. Blueberries


Because Blueberries supply essential vitamins like C and A, along with gallic acid, they make for a powerful antifungal and antiviral agent that can increase immunity.

4. Artichokes


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Leafy green vegetables like artichokes are rich in vitamins A and C, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes are known to combat cancer.

5. Cauliflower


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Vegetables like cauliflower contain sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinols (3Cs), which are 2 very potent anticancer molecules.  These molecules help detoxify the body and can even prevent precancerous cells from developing into malignant tumors.

6. Broccoli


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Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli contain sulforaphane and indoles, which contain two types of strong antioxidants and stimulators of detoxifying enzymes that protect the DNA structure.


7. Spinach 

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Leafy greens, like spinach, are natural sources of having antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Spinach contains glucosinolates that help to reprogram cancer cells to die off, prevent tumor formation and metastasis.

8. Collard Greens


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Isothiocyanates (ITCs) found in leafy greens like collard greens.  Made from glucosinolates, ITCs have been known to help detox your body on a cellular level.

9. Mushrooms


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Mushrooms are known to be immune enhancers, fight tumor growth, and even help will cell regeneration.  Not all mushrooms have all the same benefits but many have been used to fight cancer for centuries.

10. Green Tea


Green tea has the most significant effects on human health than any other teas.  It contains the highest percentage of polyphenolic compounds, catechin, gallocatechin, and EGCG.  Green tea has antioxidant, anticarcinogen anti-inflammatory, and anti-radiation biochemical effects to cells.

11. Probiotic Yogurt  


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Cultured dairy products like probiotic yogurt promote a natural bacterial balance in your stomach and boost your immunity system.  Over 80% of your immunity system is kept in your gut.  A healthy gut can promote the renewal of cells and even stop tumor growth.

12. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


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Unrefined, healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil promote better immune function and nourish your gut so you can maintain a healthy weight.  Olive oil also contains phytonutrients that can reduce inflammation in the body, which can reduce your risk of breast and colorectal cancers.

For a complete list of foods that can lower your cancer risk, click on MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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