Chronic Back Pain Can Be a “Real Pain”

Constant back pain can be tricky in determining the cause. Talking with your doctor is important to determine if there is an underlying issue. However, there are many options to help alleviate your back pain or stop it from getting worse.  Changing some of your daily habits to relieve pressure, reducing strain on your back, and strengthening your muscles can help with daily back pain.

Sleeping Positions and Your Mattress

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The way you sleep and your sleep position impact your back pain.  Good mattresses last around ten years but consider replacing every six to seven years could lessen your back pain.  Also consider the firmness of the mattress too.  Very firm or too squishy can increase pressure on your back.  A medium to firm mattress may work better for you.  You can also try sleeping on your side and add a pillow between your knees to help ease the pressure on your lower back and hips.

Eating Better

Fast food can strain your nervous system which will cause back problems.  Irritated bowels will cause lower back pain.  Eating fresh fruits and leafy greens, along with yogurt, will help ensure your intestines work properly and to eliminate possible back pain.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

shoes cause back pain
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Wearing high heels or flip flops can lead to foot instability which will affect your back.  High heels force you to arch your back and cause your back muscles to work much harder.  Shoes like sandals that are backless can also cause you to distribute your body weight unevenly, causing your back pain.  Try to wear supportive sneakers, instead of high heels, when walking a long distance.  Another option is to add cushioning to the shoes that do not give support to your back.  That way you can still wear the trendy shoes without compromising style.


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When sitting down, most of us do not think about our posture.    Sitting puts about 40 percent more pressure on your back than standing.  Sitting at a 135 degree angle can reduce compression of discs in your spine.  Making sure the lower curve of your spine has some support from your chair as well.  Sitting in the same spot for long periods of time can also strain your back.  Getting up to walk around every half an hour for a few minutes can help relieve some of the back pain.  Even in the driving position can add to your back pain.  While driving, sit at a 90 degree angle and close to the wheel so not to stretch.  This will cause you to extend your legs, putting your legs in a compromised position.  This cause strain your back and neck.


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Stretching regularly helps to alleviate some back pain.  Stretching your hamstrings, legs and hips can help take some strain off your back.


Being overweight can add to your back pain.  Excess weight puts a strain on your back.  Finding out what your typical weight is for your height and age will help determine if you need to loose the extra weight.  Click here to calculate your ideal body weight.


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Yoga focuses on relaxing your muscles.  It can improve back pain by loosening muscles, building strength, and works on improving your breathing.  Chronic or acute stress can actually trigger back pain.  Stress causes your body to tighten up, especially in your neck and back.  Yoga can help with learning to relax these muscles.


Special thanks to Dr. Denis Rioux

Aquatic therapy and exercise helps with back pain.  The water causes a buoyancy that helps alleviate strain on your back and joints which strengthens your muscles.  Floating can relax your muscles and even release the tension in your muscles which can increase circulation.

No smoking

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Smoking does not only raise your risk for heart disease and cancer, it can also cause back pain.  Smoking causes narrow blood vessels which cause less oxygen and nutrients going to the spine.  This can lead to becoming more susceptible to injuries and can cause you to even heal slower.

I do recommend speaking with your doctor if you are experiencing any back pain.  Do not ignore your back pain as it could be a sign of a serious condition.  These tips are just simple daily adjustments that could help improve or lower your risk of uncomfortable back pain.  Let me know what helps with your back pain.

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