Sugar Cravings: Try This, Not Sugar!

Sweets taste so good and ignoring a craving can be very difficult.  Sugar releases endorphin’s in the brain, which calm and relax us.  Processed sugar is not healthy or beneficial to anyone.  I am guilty of loving sugar a little too much. But I have some ways that have helped me to avoid those sugar craving.  I am hoping that these tips can help you too.

Reach for Fruit

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Keeping fruit around for when the sweet cravings hit help to satisfy your craving.  Bananas, apples, or oranges work very well.

Walk Away

go for a walk
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If you are able to, go for a walk.  When the craving hits, go for a 10 to 15 minute walk.  This will help with any temptation for those sugar cravings.

Go Cold Turkey and Have a Plant Based Smoothie

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Going cold turkey can be somewhat difficult, especially the first 48 to 72 hours.  Making a plant based smoothie will curb your cravings.  It is a natural way of eating a delicious dessert shake without the bad sugar.  Adding dates to a smoothie will give you sweetness but will also give you fiber and protein while keeping you away from sugar.  It can also boost your metabolism and heal your digestive system.

Try Dark Chocolate

Special thanks to Dr. Axe

A good source of magnesium is raw, dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is a great way to satisfy your craving but it also full of essential fibers and vitamin B.

Eat Regularly

eating regular
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Eating healthy portions of regular meals will help with cravings and over eating.  Do not try to starve yourself.  If you are hungry because you haven’t eaten, then eat a healthy meal.  Avoid chips and snacks when a small meal will do the trick.

Eat Veggies

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Snacking on a small side of vegetables, like carrots or celery, can help curb your sweet cravings.

Drink Water

Special thanks to Healthline

Some cravings are brought on simply because you are dehydrated.  It is possible that you may think you are hungry, but you are really just thirsty.

Dilute Sugar Drinks

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For those of you who love sodas and juices, try mixing half with seltzer.  You will still get to satisfy your craving of sugary drink but it will also immediately reduce your sugar intake.

Sweet, sugar cravings can be difficult to avoid but these tricks have helped me.  Hopefully, these will also help you.  Let me know if they do or what kinds of tricks have helped you. Being healthy will make you happier.


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