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Cleansed My Soul

My soul has be filled with too much sin

Don’t even know how or where to begin

I’ve done so many wrongs

Too many times and for too long

I need to remain strong

And keep singing my favorite song

Some days its too hard to pick up another card

From the deck of life to start a new day

Can’t sit here still and just stay

Why is my mind strong

Then sometimes choose to do wrong

I have one desire

Even though I am the liar

I need to kill a part of me

I need to release it quickly

But as I die, will you show mercy

If I can remain worthy

I know I don’t deserve it but I beg you

Hold me, love me, this will hurt too

This one last time, please don’t ask why

I need you to keep me close, for I am falling apart

My sin is breaking my heart

I am barely breathing

Help, I need so me healing.

All the times that I think back

I see what it was I lack

Why I could never reach you

wondering why I wasn’t true

Why am I an expert at self sabatoge

Everything just fades to a mirage

As I begin to realize

I begin to despise

My own desires and thoughts

Walking around like robots

I didn’t care about me

And it lead to all this sin, you see?

This is my way of giving up, giving in

I can’t live anymore with all this sin

To be forgiven, where do I begin?

And when do the apologies end?

Will the trust truly be saved?

When your friend has been enslaved?

My guilt eats me alive

And my hate will thrive

I am truly sorry for what I did

Stop hiding the un-hid

Time for the release of my soul

Release all the sin and fill me whole

With love and light, like it was before

So I can achieve more

Now that I am dead, I am glad I was with you

Because now it is done, its all through

A new me has been born

Please do not mourn

That part of me should have died a long time ago

But for some reason, I could not let go.

Your support and care kept me sane

Now instead of sorry, thank yous rain

Because without you, there would be no me

No future for us to see

No butterfly to fly

away up to the sky

But you stayed and I thank you for being you

You were the only one in my life still true

We did it, put an end to all my sins

Now, this is where I can begin

I was so blinded before

that it all seems like folklore

I can shine as bright as I want to now

And I secretly know how

via Daily Prompt: Release

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