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Purely Brave Soul

Brave is facing the tough day with a smile

Brave is being your own style

Brave is a police officer saving a life in distress

Brave is doing the impossible with finesse 

Brave is speaking against the wrong 

Brave is a belief you stand up strong 

Brave is doing even though you are afraid

Brave is even in chaos, be the helpful aid

Brave is firefighters fighting fire

Brave is quitting the sinful desire

Brave is labor and delivery of those infant-ly small

Brave is still trying even if you must fall

Brave is being a voice among the silent

Brave is knowing on what to be defiant

Brave is loving with all your heart

Brave is being yourself from the start

Brave is a soldier taking on the battlefield

Brave is knowing when to yield

Brave is a teacher teaching the unteachable

Brave is reaching the unreachable

Brave is scary that is for sure 

But being Brave is the soul’s cure

For Bravery is what is needed in this world today

Join me in braving this world our way








via Daily Prompt: Brave



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