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Risky Love

I do not think it is a good idea to do it
I am scared of what will happen if I go through with it
You say I have nothing to fear
And yet it has been another year
I remember what happened last time
Everything was not just fine
I thought my world was ending
But you say it is a new beginning

We have been through so much
Yet we are so out of touch
You have seen my sorrows
Given me words to borrow
You have given me ideas to last
I loved how it worked fast
But I have lost so much over the years
My cries you no longer hear
Now it is time to do this new
My feelings are askew
At this idea of yours
Constantly wanting me to do more

Love is a risky business
And my heart is out of fitness
Yet my head is trying to talk me into
Love is a mean voodoo
My head and heart
Are always working apart
My heart is no longer frisky
Love is just too risky
But what do I have to lose
My head is already on a short fuse
What is done can no longer be undone
Yet it was never that fun

I need to decide on what to do
Time is shrinking too
I am too scared to love again
Not sure where to begin
What if I lose myself
Who will be there to help
I cant give up hope though
I cant be afraid of what I don’t know
I forgot life is an adventure
My head is a knowledge quencher
So I am missing out if I am not a risk taker
Ready to be the adventure maker

via Daily Prompt: Risky



6 thoughts on “Risky Love”

  1. ๑•ิ.•ั๑
    Amar é arriscar-se a não ser retribuído no amor.
    Tentar é arriscar-se a falhar…
    Mas devemos nos arriscar!
    O maior perigo na vida está
    em não arriscar.
    Aquele que não arrisca nada…
    Não faz nada…
    Não tem nada! ◕‿-。
    Boa semana e beijos de chocolate!!

    Liked by 1 person

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