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My Loyal Friend

You are there when I am sad

You are there when I am mad

You always are smiling at me

You stare with such intensity

Studying me with your beautiful eyes

Learning what becomes of family ties

With you it is a strong bond

But of you is what I am fond

You can tell when I am stressed

Nudging me with your nosed pressed

When I got the bad news of

You were there with your love

Whenever I feel so alone

You always there at home

You never get mad at me

Your love always is free

You give me the strength

To go the extra length

You never will forsake

Even when I make a mistake

When I am away from you

I am always thinking of you too

Times we have spent together

Will remain with us forever

You always have a place to belong

Here in my heart for so long

You will never let me go

This I always know

You will never leave my side

And I will never leave you to hide

I rescued you from a life unfair

But you rescued me from despair

I need you

And you need me too

You are my best friend

Always and forever until the end


dedicated to Maggie and Snoopy

via Daily Prompt: Loyal


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