Cardio workout vs 20min workout

Working out takes time and will power. Even on a good day, can be absent for most.  Once you have finally realized that the swim suit you just bought suddenly doesn’t fit the way you pictured, then it is time to start exercising. But for how long? And should you do it every day for 20 minutes or should you do hard cardio for 30minutes a day? Or should you alternate days? What is the quickest way to slim down and essentially the easiest. recommends getting daily exercise can reduce heart disease. Combining physical activity with maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits.  Physical activity helps with weight control and reduces chances of developing other conditions that can put a strain on your heart like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Department of Health and Human Services recommends you reach 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, 75 minutes a week of vigorous aerobic activity or any combination of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity. But in general, moderate exercise like walking briskly for around 30 minutes a few times a week is enough to stay healthy.  For those who have more time, aiming for 300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 150 vigorous aerobic activity every week with adding strength training 2 or more days a week.  But we want the fastest, easiest way to healthy.  Shorter amounts of exercise can still offer health benefits for you and your heart. It is recommended that breaking up the workout time into three 10 minute sessions most days of the week can still give you the health benefits.   But for most, working and working out can clash time wise.  However, there are great additional activities like gardening, house keeping, stair climbing or even walking your dog can be beneficial to your health. Of course the harder you workout, the bigger the reward of health benefits you get.

So get off your couch and do this workout for only 20 minutes.  It is cardio but there is no running required. You can perform any combination of exercise for a minute then rest for another minute. Or you can workout for 10 minutes then break for two but I would recommend to cool down three to five minutes of stretching. You definitely do not want to be too sore to do it again tomorrow. You can pick from marching in place while rotating your arms in a circular motion or do jumping jacks. Remember to do as many as you can in a minute then rest for a minute.

You can also do butt kickers and high knees, alternating. It is essentially running in place bringing your heel to your butt.  You can also add high knees run. All you need to do is bend your elbow by your side while your hands are parallel to the floor.  This is also running in place but bringing your knees high to touch your hands.  You do not need a furniture free room to do these exercises.  They are simple and quick.  Twenty minutes will surely go by quick and you can do this while watching your favorite show.  No need to watch a video on youtube and interrupt the latest episode you are catching up on.  Twenty minutes a day of this exercise, coupled with less fatty diet will get you into the size and weight you wish to be and will overall keep you healthy.  You will be happier and even have more energy to tackle the hardest of days.



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